So, what is the purpose of youth group?

Youth group is the primary place that Zion Church comes alongside our youth as they journey from the faith of a child to the faith of an adult. We seek to nourish them to a maturing faith in their personal and corporate walk with Jesus. We hope to accomplish this end by the following means:

Hearing the Gospel

We seek to faithfully proclaim the Gospel and make it the foundation and core of all that we do. God has shown us love, and we see it perfectly in Jesus Christ, through His life, death, and resurrection.

(We love because He first loved us - 1 John 4:19)

Believing the Gospel

We seek to show our youth what it means to be transformed by the Gospel and reshaped by the amazing love that God has shown us in Christ. To have a heart that cries out to the Lord, seeks His face, and longs to worship Him in prayerful, Word-saturated, joyful praise. We do this through modeling, instruction, and by leading the youth in praise, prayer, and discussion of His Word week by week.

Living the Gospel

We seek to live a life that reflects the beautiful love of our God in all of our relationships, whether at home, at church, or in the world. We want to help teach our youth how to love one another, grow in deeper relationship with each other, and remove barriers that divide while uniting under the truth of the Gospel.

We do this by getting to know your children, letting them get to know us, and by creating intentional times of fellowship for them to know each other. All of the events, camps, meals, games, and hanging out that we do are meant to help accomplish this end. By creating space for relationships to develop, we hope to create opportunities for teaching our youth how to apply the Gospel to those relationships.